Tom Search

Associate Developer

How did you start working with us?

My background is different to many of my colleagues, I have a master’s degree in classical music! When I first met the Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology team I thought that the business and the roles available sounded fascinating, plus I loved the fact that everyone I spoke to from the company were genuinely interested in my experiences and training in a seemingly unrelated subject area. Studying classical music helped me develop my interpersonal skills and analytic abilities that are now indispensable in my role. It helped me to adapt to the different contexts within which I work and helped me motivate myself to learn about issues I don’t understand and analyse technical designs.

What have you learnt so far?

I love being able to immerse myself in the detail of whatever design or solution I am working on, but I have at the same time had to learn how to prioritise my work when there is lots to be done. I’m proud that I have acquired a firm grasp of the business and my role, gaining new skills and qualifications in a short space of time. Actually, I have been really surprised by the number of opportunities for learning available to me, everyone is keen that I develop my knowledge both on a personal level, but also so I can contribute more to the performance of the team.

Why Wunderman Thompson Commerce?

The Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology graduate programme is a fantastic opportunity to jump into a range of roles that operate in an exciting space where technology, business and creativity fuse together. Your career progression is not pre-defined by your first role. There is ample opportunity to find out about roles across the business, which is great when you are starting out in your career.

Thanks to the support I have had since joining I have found a role that perfectly complements my personality and my technical mindset, while also allowing me to be creative. I have been part of some very challenging projects where I have been able to immerse myself in the detail of the design or solution I am working on which I have loved.

I must finally mention that the social side of the business is fantastic! There is a fun and supportive culture across the business that operates just as much outside the office as in.

Advice for new graduates

Ask yourself lots of questions about yourself. Picking your first role is all about you, so get to know you!