your Enterprise Intershop Platform within 12 weeks

Following the latest developments into the B2C market, the digital transformation in the B2B-market is now in full swing. This transformation calls for an ecommerce platform with a short time-to-market, flexible enough to respond quickly to market changes. Besides that, a B2B ecommerce platform needs to have sufficient capacity at any given time; no issues during peak trading and no overcapacity during the more quiet times. With that in mind, Salmon developed the Sellsmart method; we have bundled all our experience and best practices together and linked it with Intershop's state-of-the-art technology and Amazon Web Services' extremely flexible cloud infrastructure. Thanks to the clever integration of these solutions, the Sellsmart method enables us to build very robust and flexible ecommerce platforms with a very short time-to-market.

Intershop Commerce Suite is the core of this cloud solution. The standard Intershop solution features include: Users & Roles, Cost Centers & Budget Management, Contracts, Order Approvals, Order Templates en Quotes. However, the Sellsmart solution is able to go live within 12 weeks, and not only offers all the specific features for B2B, but also includes standard features such as the integration with your ERP-system and payment provider and chat functionalities. After the go-live with a basic store (MVP), you are able to add any custom feature you like. Thanks to the open and flexible structure of this solution, you do not need to settle for a plain vanilla webshop! Together, in an agile way, we will continue to work on your ecommerce solution so it always meets your business needs - now and in the future.


Why Sellsmart & Salmon?

First-class Interhsop partner for over 15 years

Responsible for more than 75 Intershop implementations across the world

More than 100 experienced Intershop developers available

One of five Intershop Platinum Partners in the world

First provider of an Intershop Cloud Solution

First provider of the Intershop Order Management System

benefits of an ecommerce platform in the cloud

Only pay for what you use: No unnecessary costs - only a clear view of the services you use and their prices. If you want to add an extra service, or want to get rid of a service instead, that’s no problem. You can simply update your account at the touch of a button.

Ready-to-use integrations with standard features: Such as DocData, Mollie, Mailplus, Google Analytics, Zopim Chat, Optimizely and Hotjar.

All-in-one ecommerce solution: No unnecessary long phone calls with customer services, no complicated configuration issues, but 24/7 access to the Amazon Cloud and on-demand resources for the right server capacity at the right time.

Flexible licences: Scale up during peak moments and reduce your server capacity during less busy periods.

Personalise your platform: By adding extra functionalities. An improved CMS-system and better configuration features, full support of https and a WSO2 datahub for a simplified and an in-dept integration with the ERP.

This cloud solution - based on Intershop Commerce Suite - enables wholesalers and manufacturers to do business smarter, easier and faster without large up-front investments and without limitations. Our Sellsmart method has the advantages of a SaaS-product and the flexibility of a customized solution.

Nils Kijkuit

Salmon's Head of Commerce Products