critical ecommerce operation management

Ecommerce doesn’t end with platform and technology implementation. That’s just the start-point. We build and sustain momentum in your digital commerce estate, monitoring, analysing, enhancing and supporting performance – managing the operations too if required. Specific services include:

Project & Programme Management

We lead the way in programme governance and management by developing structures and schedules that your business can count on, with everything tested and secure end-to-end.
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Ecommerce Trading

To grow and sustain profitable sales, we use trading consultancy to optimise the performance of your digital platform against KPIs, considering a wide range of factors.
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Online performance monitoring & testing

Our website performance approach and tools have been honed from 20+ years’ experience with high-volume eCommerce sites, so we can fulfill clients’ enterprise-level commerce needs.
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Peak trading planning & operations

Our managed services and applications are tailored to meet client requirements and budgets during peak periods, so they can concentrate on their core business, assured of powerful eCommerce performance.
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Environment & app support

This is a vital way to protect your revenue and reputation. Our industry and domain experience keep applications and systems stable, optimal and simple to change, within an optimised environment.
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Hosting & third party management

We design, build and support hosted solutions to SLA, with the goal for hosting to be seamless within projects and application management models, yet designed for resilience, scale and easy upgrade.
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