managing your ecommerce PROJECTs & PROGRAMMEs

Allow us to take total ownership of complex projects and programmes, and manage these across multiple work-streams.

The experience to deliver on time, and the common sense to deliver on budget, are the skills you'll expect from good project managers. Our qualified team go above and beyond this to add value at key pressure points in the project lifecycle, and span across third parties for seamless delivery.

We will help you choose the right methodology for your project and business, from full project management to work-stream support.

Full programme management
Hand us control of third-party and internal team management, and we will streamline your workload.

Workstream support
To focus on specific project areas, we team up with our clients and work alongside you at your offices.

Project management
We take responsibility for all our deliverables, driving high performance standards, underpinned by service agreements. Whilst we recommend our own project methodologies, we’re fully conversant in Prince2 and Agile for flexibility and to fit in with your culture and internal processes.

Implementation methodology
Our own methodology is a proven process that allows you to benefit from best practice methodologies and our commerce expertise dating back to 1989.

Iterative, fast-paced and fluid, Agile gives you incremental development and the flexibility to shape and change the project as you go.

This proven methodology helps you to see the full complete picture upfront.

Benefits of our project & programme management service

Deciding where you want to go. At the discovery phase we take the time to define and redefine the business proposition. We then recommend how to get you there.

Receive regular input, demos and security management for reassurance and to keep risk to a minimum.

Once the project has reached go-live, we continue to add value and look for improvements.

It's taken Sainsbury's 14 years to reach £1bn annual sales online and this new platform gives us the capacity to double this. Wunderman Thompson Commerce has been a key partner in helping us transform our digital offer, managing the overall programme and more than ten third parties.

Jon Rudoe, (Former) Digital and Technology Director, Sainsbury's

Salmon delivers the largest online grocery commerce re-platform for Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s: WebSphere Commerce Re-Platform