ecommerce website optimisation

We go through a rapid test and learn process using analytics and insight from tools such as Qubit. Armed with the insight acquired, we recommend and implement changes.

Our experience of using continuous optimisation for many leading brands means we already know what does and doesn't work. The enhancements we make are, therefore, based on expertise that we've gained from working on other commerce websites.

Ongoing consultancy
Continually enhancing the customer experience over time with quick and small incremental changes that result in sales uplift.

Technology implementation
Our knowledge of tools, such as A/B or multi-variant testing, helps us to quickly evaluate different test versions, so we can improve key metrics – particularly conversion rates.

Benefits of our Continuous Optimisation

We are able to improve the customer experience using facts rather than guesswork. With tools like Tealeaf, we can dig deeper to understand why the customer is behaving a certain way or experiencing a particular problem, and remedy it instantly.

We apply data insight to track any issues identified in the future. This enabled us to advise clients how to act quickly to prevent lost sales or other negative experiences at any journey point.

Among the customer benefits that we've seen over the last 12 months working with Wunderman Thompson Commerce, and on the changes we've made to the site, has been a 15 percent uplift in customer conversion on We've had over one and a half million viewing of the video content that we added to the site and our customer satisfaction score for our Click-and-Collect proposition has risen significantly.

Clive West, Digital Director, Halfords Group