Smarter data and insight to support smarter decisions

In today's age of the customer, we believe that data reporting alone is not enough. Organisations must be able to take clear action from their data if they are to succeed. Our Digital Intelligence experts make this possible, enabling insight-driven change to help your business succeed. Specific services include:

Commerce Data Management

Our team prides itself on the accuracy of the product data feeds we can deliver. Our solutions and technology have continues to evolve, and we now collect information for over 60 million SKUs every day.
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Data Intelligence

The Data Intelligence team at Wunderman Thompson Commerce specialises in helping multichannel organisations manage and interpret their vast amount of data in order to deliver insight-driven change.
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Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering team excels at crafting reliable solutions for businesses that want to use data to be better, faster, and stronger. Our team is deeply engaged in transformational change at scale for our customers
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Customer Insight

By harnessing enterprise-scale data, we help drive customer insight for businesses in order to support smarter decisions that ultimately help deliver a truly optimised customer experience.
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Online Analytics

Website analysis and optimisation is a key area that inspires us to drive major impacts for clients. We go beyond the numbers and hard data to make actionable recommendations.
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Database Architecture

Our data architecture teams analyse data from legacy systems, and enhance and distil this intelligence to support the multichannel needs of customers.
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PIM Systems

Through PIM systems, we help businesses serve customers better - by effectively gathering, enriching, managing, and distributing information across channels.
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