In a digital-first world, the ecommerce landscape has changed. Speed is the currency and directly affects conversion rates and revenue. Wunderman Thompson Commerce can help you achieve new levels of performance and a competitive edge.

Services can be general to cover the whole site or focus on specific aspects of the site. We have developed its own range of tools to support performance testing and data analysis, we also work closely with a number of test companies and partners to deliver a range of capability and services.

Performance testing is performed using the latest tools with an emphasis on open source and reusability. These are used, together with a detailed analysis of live site traffic, to deliver realistic workloads to evaluate site performance and capacity, typically with load, stress and soak testing.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce can help you get the best from APM tools (Dyantrace, AppDynamcics, NewRelic etc.) both in their configuration and using them to identify performance bottlenecks. These are often used alongside our own cloud-based performance monitoring tool SMASH.

We have the expertise and experience to identify underlying performance issues embedded deep within the code of the website. Backend profiling provides an insight into poorly performing functions and provides specific recommendations to improve overall site performance.

These services together with passive analysis of web page load times aim to improve your customers’ experience and engagement with your website. Studies by Akamai and others show that if a page takes longer than three seconds to load, you could be losing nearly half of your visitors.

Benefits of our eCommerce performance services

Major, large-scale deployments are delivered in weeks, not months.

Interim testing is delivered in days, not weeks.

Pre-deployment quality checks are delivered in hours, not days.

Problem fixes are made in minutes, not hours.

All of the small efficiency gains that we achieve through DevOps add up to significant resource savings. We can then repurpose this time, delivering more features and value for your business and your customers.

One of the best experiences we had with Wunderman Thompson Commerce, with Morrison’s Cellar, was the usability labs.

Ken Platt, (Former) Head of Multichannel Delivery, Morrisons

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