In a digital-first world, the eCommerce landscape has changed. Speed is the currency. The capability to deploy fast is now critical.

Our DevOps practice fosters an agile relationship between Development and IT Operations, whilst also improving the relationship between business units by promoting better communication and collaboration.

Our experienced team will accelerate your software deployment and decrease time to market, so you can test new ideas fast and deploy even quicker. It removes complexity, bottlenecks and unplanned work, without comprimising at all on quality. And it means you're able to serve your digital, mobile-oriented customers more effectively.

At the same time, we are continuously making improvements to our processes, so you are always in the best possible position, better equipped to respond to ever-increasing rates of technological and market change, and better positioned to meet the demands of your customers.

At the centre of DevOps is automation, which allows us to deploy new features to a live website very rapdily, and with 100% confidence. You won't have to wait weeks for a new feature that customers want now. System downtime is minimised, or even eradicated. And testing is automated as far as possible; tests are swift and repeatable, with reduced risk of error.

We are redefining performance and metrics for clients. Months to deploy become weeks or days; fixes are made in minutes, not hours or days. Quality is not just being enhanced; it's sustained at a high level. The result? New levels of performance and compeitive edge.

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Benefits of our eCommerce performance testing

Major, large-scale deployments are delivered in weeks, not months.

Interim testing is delivered in days, not weeks.

Pre-deployment quality checks are delivered in hours, not days.

Problem fixes are made in minutes, not hours.

All of the small efficiency gains that we achieve through DevOps add up to significant resource savings. We can then repurpose this time, delivering more features and value for your business and your customers.

One of the best experiences we had with Wunderman Thompson Commerce, with Morrison’s Cellar, was the usability labs.

Ken Platt, (Former) Head of Multichannel Delivery, Morrisons

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