To prepare for the future, you need to understand what it might look like. And to understand what it might look like, you need us to help you connect the dots. We understand how retail and digital innovators continue to define and deliver their vision of the future - be that through technology, interfaces, service or control - and are defining and delivering the infrastructure through which brands and companies are forced to operate.

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Helping Clients navigate the future of commerce

Our innovation team consists of a group of experts specialising in future retail and technology trends. The team routinely conducts research on the latest technology trends ecommerce businesses need to be aware of.

Our own innovation lab enables us to test out the newest technology; from virtual reality headsets, to wearable technology, and virtual assistants.

As our Innovation team needs to consistenly create new ideas, which sees us conducting a series of tasks. One of these is quite a simple process which centres on the phrase "You don't know what you don't know." And the answer we're seeking is "How do we find all those things you might not know?"

Naji El-Arifi, Head of Innovation

SLAM attends the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show

SLAM at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show