Blog Post - Joanna Temple, Sep 20 2018

Why over 150 brands trust 2Sales to build their brand on Amazon

Why over 150 brands trust 2Sales to build their brand on Amazon

Following the acquisition of 2Sales by Wunderman Commerce, we sat down with Helmut Rieder, CEO of 2Sales, to find out just how 2Sales helps brands build their business on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Helmut, can you tell us about the opportunity offered by Amazon?

Sure! With Amazon gaining more and more market share, the opportunity to increase brand awareness and revenue through Amazon is too big to be missed, particularly in European markets, where brands are looking to maximise sales through this channel. The stats speak for themselves. The Amazon marketplace has seen:

  1. 20% growth between Q2 2017 and Q2 2018
  2. 51% of US/UK online shoppers start their product search journeys on Amazon
  3. 35% of all UK online spend is on Amazon - this rises to 52% in the US
  4. 35% of online shoppers in the UK are Prime members, rising to a staggering 74% in the US

What are the main challenges selling on amazon?

For many, it's visibility of products. It's all about enhancing this through organic search - using the right categories, keywords, attributes/filters - and/or conversion: triggering the purchase either through consumer-oriented content on pricing promotions such as deals.

How do you help brands sell more?

2Sales manages all aspects of our customers' Amazon business. We do this through:

Smart Amazon content management: We create listings from a customer perspective and optimise for Amazon's search algorithms. We offer multilingual catalogue management (Europe, US, Japan, Turkey). We use AI techniques to increase visibility and cross-sell, and we manage our customers' listings as Amazon's rules change and as sites evolve.

2Sales also supports clients with effective paid promotions; we set up and optimise Amazon Advertising (AMS) campaigns via AI. We handle product display media strategies and management as well as Amazon 'Deal' strategies and management.

Reporting and Analytics: we provide our customers with the numbers they need to run their business. Sales analysis, promotional results and online content status are accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Tell us a bit more about the people behind 2sales

We're a team of approximately 70 talented individuals, with multilingual skills including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Turkish. We were founded in 2003 and are based in Luxembourg. We have invaluable experience, helping over 150 clients - such as SC Johnson, Columbia, Fiskars and Acco - to increase brand awareness on Amazon sites around the world.

What makes 2sales different - and why the name 2sales?

It's our promise to do what we say we will, and our attractive fee structure. As our name suggests, we help brands to accelerate their growth on Amazon by doubling their revenue within 14 months. Our attractive fee structure is scalable too; we work on a pure commission basis with no setup or fixed costs. In effect, our service offering evolves in parallel with Amazon - doing more for clients for no additional cost!

How can brands find out more about how you can transform their business on Amazon?

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