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3 things you should know about consumers in 2019

3 things you should know about consumers in 2019

Evolution is a constant process for both consumers and brands. Staying on top of what your customers want, what they value, and how they are looking to buy is essential for any business looking to thrive this year. Technology is having a huge influence today in terms of shaping consumer attitudes and expectations - but it's not the only factor involved. There are three key things you should know about consumers in 2019 if you want to engage effectively this year.

1. Customers are looking for brands that match their values

According to research, the majority of consumers today say they will research a brand before buying from it to see where the business stands on the topics that matter most to them 28% will stop buying from a brand whose values are contradictory to their own. Where values are aligned between individual and brand, consumers are likely to spend more. As a result, brand transparency is becoming key - customers want to be able to understand where a business stands on certain ideals, where they source supplied, how products are made and by whom. As a result, it's becoming essential for brands to be open about issues such as sourcing and sustainability.

2. Today, customer expectations are much higher

From efficiency to personalised marketing communications, customers expect more added value from brands today. For many businesses, this has meant engaging with automation as a way to differentiate an offering and start giving customers more. Automation can be employed in many different ways, from integrating artificial intelligence to use chat bots to improve customer service, to employing it to manage SKUs. What is key is that it created improvement and adds value for the customer, whether that is in their buying experience or through the process of contact before any transactions take place. 70% of retail and consumer executives expect to integrate AI drive automation by 2021, so it's a key factor for retailers to consider to remain competitive.

3. Consumers expect a range of fulfillment options now

There is notable enthusiasm among consumers for the wider range of fulfillment options being offered by brands today. Most consumers want quick and painless interactions and a seamless transaction experience, from the moment of placing the order, to starting to use the product. This has meant that many retailers have begun looking for new ways to enhance convenience.

Click and collect - or buy online pay in store - has grown significantly in popularity as a result. 65% of shoppers who tried this method of fulfillment said that they found it improved their buying experience. Of the 85% of shoppers whoa re aware of this as an option, 70% have tried it. Consumers are always looking for brands that are willing to improve and evolve the details of the retail experience, and this is likely to continue into 2019.

Consumers are constantly changing in terms of what they expect and need from the brands they shop with.

With a view to understanding what today's consumers want from shopping in the future, Wunderman Thompson Commerce has again spoken directly to those who will shape our retail future, surveying more than 15,000 online shoppers across 8 international markets. The resulting report "The Future Shopper 2019" will be available shortly.

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