Blog Post - Patrick Munden, Nov 14 2017

Mobile shopper pre-bounce rates - why they matter

Mobile shopper pre-bounce rates - why they matter

Mobile shoppers are dropping off earlier than you may think.

Typically, retailers and ecommerce analytics teams invest time and resources in SEO to drive traffic to their websites, and they monitor what’s called the “bounce rate” to ensure that customers are engaging past the first page. But they forget those that drop off even before the page loads, usually due to slow load times - this is called the “pre-bounce rate”. If a shopper “pre-bounces” it doesn’t count as a session in analytics software, so they actually don’t know how many users they are losing before the page loads.

In their Q3 Mobile Commerce Insights Report, Mobify have tracked this figure to see how long mobile shoppers will wait, and found:

  • At 3 seconds there is a 14.5% drop off.
  • At 5 seconds there is a 40.3% drop off.

So, how do you reduce this pre-bounce rate?

  1. Speed up your page load using Accelerated Mobile Pages – these are lightweight versions of your most common landing pages that are stored on the search engine’s servers and delivered almost instantly when a shopper clicks through from search results.
  2. Use Progressive Web Apps – these allow for faster and smoother page uploads.

This topic and more hints on how to decrease mobile bounce rates and increase mobile checkout rates are discussed in more detail in Mobify’s Q3 Mobile Commerce Insights Report.

Mobify's 2017 Q3 Mobile Insights Report