Blog Post - Jill Berkey, Nov 28 2019

What are Amazon's new behaviours: basic tile images and A+ A/B testing

What are Amazon's new behaviours: basic tile images and A+ A/B testing

In our work, we frequently discover changes in Amazon behaviour, often unannounced. We want to share some of those with you, as they affect how brands may choose to approach above the fold imagery (tile images or basic images) and A+. I strongly recommend making use of the new "Manage Your Experiments" feature that Amazon has released in Vendor Central. It allows you to A/B test your A+/A++ content.

Mobile displaying only 6 tile images plus video

Amazon has quietly rolled out some changes to the display of images and video in recent weeks. While the desktop version of product detail pages displays all alternate images uploaded to Vendor Central - as many as twelve or more - the mobile display is now limited to only six images and lifestyle shots of your products, just to be sure your most compelling images are placed within the first six slots to ensure they will display in mobile.

Videos on desktop blocked if more than 6 tile images present

In addition, if a video is added to you ASIN, it will only show on desktop display when there are six or fewer images loaded to your product. It appears that existing videos are unaffected by this limitation for now, but new videos are impacted. While we believe video can be an important factor to increase conversion, it is typically most beneficial for complex and technical products (i.e. general brand videos tend to have less value). Utilising the video slot in lieu of showing customers multiple angles and features of your products should be evaluated and even tested for impact to best use the space.

A/B testing of A+ content now supported - do it

Manage Your Experiments (MYE) is a new A/B content testing feature launched within the A+ tools in Vendor Central and Seller Central. Eligible ASINs for participation must already have published A+ content and ahve high traffic, as determined by Amazon. The tool allows you to create two versions of your A+ content which will be shown to customers 50/50, with Amazon providing results to determine the potential one-year impact estimate of version A content vs. version B . We strongly recommend using this tool to test messaging, imagery, module types, and comparison chart data with your A+ content on high-priority ASINs to better understand what resonates with customers and helps drive conversion to your products.