Blog Post - Frank Kochenash , Nov 25 2020

Is Amazon developing its next trillion dollar opportunity?

Is Amazon developing its next trillion dollar opportunity?

Amazon launched Amazon Pharmacy last week. It's a home-delivery prescription drug delivery programme. Think mail order pharmacy enabled through Amazon. On the one hand, Amazon is going after the online and mail-order prescription drug market. One source estimates the mail-order drug market alone at $49 billion, rising to $166 billion by 2027 (16.5% CAGR).

On the other hand, Amazon is up to something even bigger. I suspect Amazon is developing a multi-faceted value proposition to make it a major player in the healthcare and wellness market which is currently a $1.1 trillion market just in the US. Consider the pieces Amazon has already put together:

  • Amazon Care, its health plan, including telemedicine features, for its approximately 1 million employees
  • Amazon Pharmacy, powered by PillPack
  • Amazon's Alexa Care hub to facilitate remote care of loved ones
  • Haven Healthcare, its joint venture with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway
  • Amazon Counter which enables attended order pickup at Rite Aid stores
  • Its investments in COVID-19 testing
  • 126 Prime members

The US healthcare market has been moving toward more consumer-oriented services for several years. Yet, consumer drive healthcare plans (CDHPs) have grown more slowly than many had hoped. Perhaps the company that aspires to be 'the most customer-centric company in the world' can accelerate the change. It is by no means a given that Amazon will succeed given some of the arcane and complex aspects of US healthcare, but they seem to be investing for the long run.

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