Blog Post - Hugh Fletcher, Dec 8 2016

Amazon launch unique retail concept “Amazon Go”

Amazon launch unique retail concept “Amazon Go”

Just this week, Amazon released a unique retail concept called Amazon Go. As a new shopping experience, it requires no checkout whatsoever, and uses advanced technology combining AI, computer vision and data pulled from multiple sensors to allow customers to be charged only for the items they pick up. Watch the video.

The first “Amazon Go” store is in Seattle and currently only open to Amazon employees, Amazon expect to open their first Amazon Go store to the public in Seattle next year. The store lets Amazon customers shop and then walk right out without stopping to pay at a cashier or kiosk. Customers simply have to scan their phone using the Amazon Go app on the way in and out of the store, with their Amazon account charged for items taken.

What we think! – Hugh Fletcher, Digital Business Consultant, Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company.

“The imminent launch of Amazon Go signifies a move away from traditional bricks and mortar stores and towards a new era of shopping. Even if a shopping experience is in-person, not online, shoppers are constantly telling us that they want the same speed, convenience and user-friendly experience that online and mobile shopping provides. As retailers move away from traditional stores, we expect technologies like Programmatic Commerce – the concept of automatic purchasing through connected devices – to dominate the sector.

“Our recent study found that 57% of UK shoppers will be ready for fully automated purchases through IoT devices within two years. Programmatic can therefore drive a new age of shopping that is IoT-enabled, and allows retailers to feed the modern day customer who is now accustomed to a more direct, quick and convenient method of shopping. Amazon has been smart here – the brand was born digitally but knows that the future of retail is a perfect mix of online and physical. Amazon Go is just a trial but we would expect it to catch on.”

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