Blog Post - Glen Burson, Aug 26 2015

Black Friday - ready for the £1bn+ online shopping day?

Black Friday - ready for the £1bn+ online shopping day?


Black Friday's surge in sales in November 2014 threw traditional British pre-Christmas shopping habits into disarray. Shoppers, lured to online retailers with significantly discounted cash promotions, spent an estimated £810m online in a single day, almost 50% more than industry experts had predicted. Three days later, the traditionally anticipated busiest online shopping day 'Cyber Monday' also saw a smaller but still significant upturn in sales.

The impact of this US phenomenon on deliveries and logistics for retailers in the UK has been well documented. The degree to which this affected retailers' online operations and what to anticipate in 2015 deserves further examination.

This complimentary Playbook offers online retail operators insight into what to expect in 2015 and acts as a checklist to help plan and prepare for the busiest online trading period ever in the UK.

At Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, we predict that in 2015 the frenzy of Black Friday, heightened by national press coverage, will lead to the first £1bn+ online shopping day in the UK.

We also believe that demand will start to surge before Friday 27th November as shoppers go online early to search for bargains.

Please click here to download your complimentary copy of the Black Friday & Peak Trading Ecommerce Operations Playbook 2015.