Blog Post - Simon Toon, Nov 24 2016

Black Friday Buzz - "Black Fiveday" goes viral

Black Friday Buzz - "Black Fiveday" goes viral

Black Friday is almost upon us. In-fact, the majority of retailers have already begun their Black Friday sales as early as last week, anticipating consumers looking to find a bargain. Retail leaders Amazon announced on the 11th of November that its sales would be extended over nearly two weeks. At Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company,we weren’t surprised at all by the shift: we predicted a long time ago (over six months ago, actually) that the week would evolve into ‘BlackFiveday’.

Black Friday is no longer just a shopping event and has transformed to be arguably the biggest phenomenon in the calendar year. We correctly predicted retailers would extend their period of sales this year and we estimate that this year’s Black Friday period will be the first to reach a record breaking £5billion online sales. We’re also predicting that mobile will overtake online for the first time ever, with £2.55billion sales expected. Big estimations, maybe, but not surprising when you consider the shift that shoppers continue to take to digital services.

And if you don’t believe us, you only need to look at the vast amount of media coverage accumulated since April for further proof that our prediction will come to fruition. Since we released our concept of ‘Black Fiveday’ we have secured 86 unique pieces of coverage in national, tech, business and retail media. Including the coverage linked above – in The Independent, Daily Mirror and International Business Times – we have seen our prediction published in TechRadar, RetailWeek, T3, InternetRetailing, DirectCommerce and many, many more.

Prediction or not, we fully trust that Black Friday is going to be a history-making event this year. There is no doubt that it’s a mainstream event now in the UK and is quickly making up the ground compared to our friends in the US. Consumers – prepare yourselves. Retailers - if you haven’t already fully prepared, then you must do so now as Black Fiveday is well and truly upon us.