Blog Post - Hugh Fletcher, Aug 10 2017

"Buying Tomorrow" in the digitally-obsessed consumer era

"Buying Tomorrow" in the digitally-obsessed consumer era

The revolution will be mechanised

We are living through a time of true transformation, and for consumers the future can't come soon enough. At the heart of this is ecommerce. Brands must offer consumers a host of convenient services and innovative technologies if they are to continue to attract and retain customers' attention.

Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, sits at the apex of brands and ecommerce, helping clients to see what the future holds and the trends that will change their business. Just over a year ago, we embarked on a project to learn more about the future of digital commerce through the eyes of the typical UK shopper, which resulted in our award-winning report on Programmatic Commerce titled "Rise of the Machines". Since then, the digital commerce landscape has continued to shift. We've seen the launch of Amazon Echo, Google and smart speakers enter the home, all making use of voice command functionality. Keeping up with this rapid pace of change, we commissioned another study, this time into 6000 consumers' attitudes across UK, US and Benelux. We questioned them on the impact of technology on society as a whole, digital shopping and the role of advanced technology. The findings can be found in our new report "Buying Tomorrow - Online retail in the age of the digitally obsessed consumer". Here's a snapshot of what we found.

Innovation and convenience now "more important" than brand

Brand loyalty is tumbling: almost nine in ten (88%) of consumers we surveyed believe speed of delivery is more important to them than the brand being ordered. No doubt this is influenced by Amazon, with respondents to our study suggesting that 37% of their total online spend is now made through Amazon. They are also comfortable with new and innovative ways to shop, with 45% currently using or likely to use digital assistants such as Amazon Echo, Alexa or Google Home in the next 12 months. Nearly 6-in-10 say they can appreciate the personal benefit of Programmatic Commerce™ - allowing technology to automatically purchase goods for them

Selected survey findings

  • Almost a quarter of consumers are "digitally obsessed", making almost all their purchases online
  • 37% of the total online spend is now made through Amazon
  • 57% believe they are more digitally advanced than retailers
  • Many consumers put now price and speed of delivery ahead of brand
  • 60% say that if a retailer were more digitally innovative, they would be more likely to shop with them
  • Many shoppers feel they’re losing control of their spending

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