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Chatbot POC for Domestic & General

Chatbot POC for Domestic & General

Domestic & General (D&G), the UK’s leading specialist warranty provider for kitchen appliances, boilers and consumer electronics, met with Salmon’s, a Wunderman Commerce Company, Innovation team in June 2017 to explore how D&G could utilise new and emerging technologies to improve customer experiences. D&G highlighted the call centre as an area where improvements could be made; Salmon, therefore, designed a chatbot to provide a seamless end-to-end customer claim journey in a single chat window.

Ben Rees, Head of Digital Delivery at D&G, said: “The team at Salmon has helped us turn a nice idea into reality – we had been considering using AI and Salmon brought this to fruition, giving us something to touch and feel very quickly. Salmon is helping D&G to be more forward thinking and futuristic in our outlook, a place we need to be in today’s competitive digital world.”

The chatbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and uses natural language processing through a chat window, recreating the same online journey that a customer receives through the “My Account” section on the website, but via an instant, responsive chat window.

Whilst the chatbot is still a POC, so far it has been a resounding success, and D&G plans to operationalise it in 2018. Ben Rees continues: “I’ve been really impressed with the speed and agility of Salmon’s Innovation team, taking a real-world business problem and smashing out a POC to solve it.”

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