Blog Post - Glen Burson, Mar 11 2015

Is it vital to merge ecommerce and marketing platforms?

Is it vital to merge ecommerce and marketing platforms?

Marketing and ecommerce groups often operate in silos with differing objectives, which has led to separately-built brand and transactional experiences hidden behind the virtual shop-front or ‘glass’. Both classes of platform – content management platforms such as Adobe and Wordpress, and ecommerce platforms such as hybris, Magento and WebSphere Commerce – have honed their functionalities to a superior level in hot pursuit of independent objectives.

But Glen Burson, Chief Technology Officer at Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, believes that with product development taking place in perfect isolation, the end result satisfies neither online retailers nor their customers. In an era of consistent cross-channel digital experiences, customers need unified experiences while marketers and e-business professionals need the tools to manage them.

Is headless commerce retailers’ long-awaited answer to the content and commerce convergence challenge?

To read more, go to pages 4-5 in Salmon's Point of View on Content for Commerce.