Blog Post - Andy Jones, Nov 24 2017

CXD and the Levels of Zoom

CXD and the Levels of Zoom

Nope, it's not the latest Harry Potter book! In fact, it's the development of chained experiences enabling consumers to get all they want in a one-stop - or rather one-app - solution, depending on the 'level of zoom'.

When discussing customer experience, we spend a lot of time talking with our clients about levels of zoom. We have the ability to 'zoom out' and see the customer journey as a whole, or 'zoom in' down to the page level to work on the design and placement of a specific element, or the micro-copy to assist at a point of friction.

But, after spending a lot of time travelling in the past few weeks, I believe companies and brands should look to zoom out even more, and chain their experiences together.

Let me explain via a breakdown of my last journey to Seattle:

  • I awake with an alarm
  • I order an Uber
  • I check-in whilst travelling
  • I buy some breakfast
  • I fly
  • I arrive at my destination
  • I order an Uber
  • I check in at the hotel

For me, this is one long experience that involves several apps that I have to switch between. Now, whilst this is no big deal, wouldn't it be great if British Airways or other major airlines 'zoomed out' and included some of these points in a single app, chaining their experience with other adjacent experiences? Maybe my breakfast at Starbucks is pre-ordered via my app for instance.


So, what about your business? Can you zoom out to capture a wider range of connected or chained experiences, and create your own ecosystem?

Can you identify complimentary products and services that your organisation could supply to augment its existing offering? Can you create an ecosystem of adjacent experiences through which your customers can easily find and buy them, thereby removing the opportunities and reasons for them to leave?

Much of Amazon's horizontal expansion has been driven by this concept - thinking how one product or service can supplement another, informed by data and insight, and promoting cross- and upsell, and retention.

For other businesses, there could be potential for ecommerce sites to include part of the delivery partner's app, so that I no longer need to order an item, then have to track it on another site. It could be that retailers look at Black Friday or Xmas shopping and partner together to consolidate the experience. Maybe valet parking can be combined with Starbucks to make the Saturday afternoon visit to the shops more manageable, or supermarkets tie up the weekly food shop with the petrol station, so I get a Formula 1 style drive through experience whilst only paying once, and in one place.

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