Blog Post - John Beechen, Aug 1 2016

Facing Peak: What are the Mobile challenges?

Facing Peak: What are the Mobile challenges?

Paul Skeldon at Internet Retailing talks to Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, about the mobile challenges retailers face approaching peak with particular reference to Amazon Prime Day.

John Beechen, Head of Managed Services at Salmon had this to say.

“Nowadays, consumers are busy and not tied to desks, so it makes perfect sense that the majority of traffic for Amazon Prime Day would be mobile. Mobile experiences are now as seamless as desktop ones, and consumers expect to be able to buy online from any device. Mobile solutions such as stores or apps add another dimension to activities such as Prime Day for Amazon, with the most obvious benefit being that customers can access deals anytime, anywhere. As quick routes to purchase, screen real estate and data load are key. So where Amazon has been criticised for making deals hard to find during this event and in the past, with nearly 70% of traffic being made via mobile devices during seasonal events such as Prime Day, having a dedicated, easy to navigate app would pay dividends.

The comments from customers online on Amazon’s Prime Day show how demanding consumers are when it comes to website performance during peak periods. Ensuring a satisfying experience during sales when systems are under heavy load is a key requirement for online retailers now. It’s interesting to see that even incredibly mature organisations like Amazon are not immune to system issues during busy times like this.”

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