Blog Post - Dwayne Manzano , Jun 18 2019

FusePump becomes Commerce Data Management (CDM)

FusePump becomes Commerce Data Management (CDM)

Feed Management, BuyNow software and product data pioneer FusePump has undergone a rebrand as part of the Wunderman Thompson Commerce (WTC) stable of companies.

The development outfit, which in 2009 launched the world's first product data feed management solution, is now known as Commerce Data Management (CDM) under the Wunderman Thompson Commerce brand.

FusePump was actually acquired by Wunderman, part of the global WPP network, in 2014. Then, in 2018, a number of WPP companies, including eCommerce specialist Salmon, POSSIBLE Commerce, Marketplace Ignition and FusePump, were formerly merged and rebranded under the Wunderman Thompson Commerce banner.

Dwayne Manzano, former Head of Delivery and Operations at FusePump, and now Head of Commerce Data Management at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, points to exciting times ahead for existing FusePump clients and others familiar with the company:

"Together with our partner agencies, we now form a creative, data and technology consultancy built to inspire growth through end-to-end eCommerce solutions globally. Whilst we still offer the same high impact services and support that our clients are familiar with through FusePump, this powerful new foundation gives us the capability to deliver much more for their business, at greater scale and pace - with access to some of the sharpest people around, in commerce, technology, data and creative services."

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A look back at FusePump

FusePump was founded on the back of ground-breaking technology that scraped websites for product data and returned high-quality, organised, real-time data sets. This formed the basis of FusePump's Feed Management solution, which revolutionised multichannel product listings by automating and centralising product data feeds, ensuring products appeared in the right places, at the right time, in the right format.

Anticipating the emergence of social commerce as a major force, in 2011 FusePump launched the first ever BuyNow solution which utilised the same data-retrieving technology to connect customers with live retailer prices. This meant that brands could connect BuyNow Buttons on owned and paid assets, including social media and other channels to real-time, up-to-date product information and pricing.

The FusePump team, now operating as Commerce Data Management within Wunderman Thompson Commerce, has built its reputation on the accuracy of the product data feeds it delivers. It boasts a list of stellar clients such as Nestle, LEGO, Canon, John Lewis, and Bose, among others and currently collects information on over 60 million SKUs every day, and makes the data accessible using a suite of tools for paid and owned activity, both on and off domains.