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The Future Shopper - trends & technologies shaping future shopping

The Future Shopper - trends & technologies shaping future shopping

A report into the trends and technologies shaping the future of shopping

We recently spoke to 3,516 US and UK consumers who shop online at least once a month, to understand how people shop today – and what this means for shopping tomorrow. The results have been illuminating: we’ve gained an insight into the growing role of the marketplace, spotted a trend in emerging technologies and uncovered a digital divide across the Atlantic.

Amazon’s influence on consumer shopping behaviours continues to accelerate, with our results showing that Amazon leads as consumers' preferred starting point for shopping (51%). The findings also highlight that Amazon dominates where consumers complete their online purchases, with 55% likely to purchase their product on Amazon too.

The Future Shopper report identifies why:

  • Price and delivery are now the two most important factors for consumers when buying products online
  • Amazon has set the gold standard, with over half of online spend in the US made on this channel, compared to 35% in the UK.
  • For consumers who shop online once a month, 49% of US consumers’ total spend is online, with 43% in the UK.
  • Shoppers are being seduced by digital tech, with almost three quarters wishing retailers would be more innovative in how they use technology to improve the shopping experience.
  • Social media is making its mark on shopping, with 23% using it for inspiration and 19% now using it for purchasing!

The report also examines the role of shopping technology, including the different types of technology that are available to online retailers, from voice-activated devices to automated machine purchasing. We found, for instance, that 40% of online shoppers currently use or have used voice assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, and 55% told us they enjoy shopping via voice devices.

The priorities of consumers are shifting quickly. Retailers and brands need to ensure they are asking themselves what shoppers truly want and reflect these high standards in their eCommerce strategy if they are to meet shoppers’ demands today and tomorrow.

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Research for this report was conducted by an independent research consultancy, Censuswide. A total of 3,516 consumers aged between 18 and 64, who shop online at least once a month, were interviewed online during April 2018, 2,016 from the UK and 1,500 from the US.