Blog Post - Michael Evans, Oct 16 2020

Michael Evans wins DevOps Professional of the Year 2020

Michael Evans wins DevOps Professional of the Year 2020

Wunderman Thompson Commerce is delighted to announce that the winner of the Computing DevOps Professional of the Year Award has been presented to Micheal Evans.

The Computing DevOps Excellence Awards 2020 recognised Michaels individual effort for his work with DFS, architecting the first WebSphere Commerce V9 deployment in Europe. He stood out amongst the best in class and came out on top demonstrating his credentials as a leading DevOps innovator and developer.

Michael said: "I am proud to have been working for Wunderman Thompson Commerce for 10 years. I started as a Support Technician, working my way up to become a Lead Operational Support Engineer before joining the DevOps team 5 years ago. After working for 2 years on-site, helping design and implement a customer eCommerce solution in Amazon Web Services, I was asked to design our approach for WebSphere Commerce v9 implementations.

It has been a very exciting experience, seeing my design being successfully implemented for one of our key customers. As soon as the project kicked off, my world became consumed by supporting the DFS implementation. Everything was new and the project team had to embrace a number of changes in order to make this a success. But at Wunderman Thompson Commerce we pull together and get the job done.

After 9 months of designing DFS specifics, creating environments, providing continuous fast integration solutions to deploy new software and multiple migration dry runs, in November 2019 the final cutover was successfully achieved. 9 months of hard work but with great satisfaction and a feeling of achievement in the end."

Many organisations today now see the benefits of implementing a DevOps culture, with faster, more iterative software releases, more innovation, and an overall more nimble business being amongst the desired results.