Blog Post - Joanna Temple, Jul 30 2015

Mobile commerce maintains momentum

Mobile commerce maintains momentum

We are living in the golden age of mobile with 92% of adults now personally owning or using a mobile phone in the UK. Savvy retailers have already adapted to meet customers ‘where they live’ on their mobile devices, maximising the profits to be made from mcommerce.

Our client catalogue retailer Argos is one of these businesses winning at mobile. Last week the company announced it is the first UK multichannel retailer to hit £1bn in mobile commerce sales in a year, with sales involving a mobile device during this period growing an impressive 38%. More here.

Regardless of mobile’s effectiveness as a stand-alone sales channel, it needs to be part of a wider multichannel strategy, marrying mobile with bricks and mortar to merge the virtual and physical worlds, in order to reach its full potential. Innovations such as Beacon technology, click and collect, in-store apps and even changes to the payments landscape – with digital wallets making in-store payments more efficient, convenient and secure – all helping drive traffic in-store and boost sales.

The key to success will be to give consumers choice. Facilitating the shopping experience across their preferred platforms, which can be determined by the collection and analysis of customer data, will create the perfect multi-channel mix. After all, consumers are loyal to brands that deliver an outstanding level of service and make their busy lives easier, fitting in rather than adding on.