Blog Post - Hugh Fletcher, May 9 2017

Mobile has revolutionised retail but what comes next?

Mobile has revolutionised retail but what comes next?

Hugh Fletcher, global head of consultancy at Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, talks to SmartChimps, a B2B tech publication that specifically covers mobile and the increasing dominance of technology. The article discusses the impact of mobile and how this has changed how brands engage with customers. The entire piece is a visionary, forward-thinking view on how technology is evolving the relationship between the customer and business; there are mentions of Programmatic Commerce and Zero UI as well. Here's a snapshot or read the full article.

Success: Retail goes digital

It is no secret that the impact of mobile devices, and more generally technology, has entirely revolutionised the way that customers interact with their favourite brands. The rise of mobile devices has spawned an entirely new opportunity, with consumers shifting towards a more convenient and flexible shopping experience.

The challenge that this now presents vendors is managing popular peak trading events, while also ensuring that the necessary digital provisions are in place to deal with the increase in online footfall. The gradual decline in traditional high street footfall will continue to drive users towards online and mobile services quicker than before. Amazon leads the industry because it never fails to stop innovating and this is an approach that all shops should look to implement. Read on...