Blog Post - Patrick Munden, May 5 2017

Mobile websites - key revenue driver for Black Friday 2017

Mobile websites - key revenue driver for Black Friday 2017

High-converting mobile websites will drive more retail revenue than desktop for Black Friday 2017

The traditional retail calendar has become well and truly disrupted in recent years. Who would have thought five years ago that the Black Friday trading period would rival and then beat the traditional retail peak selling period of Christmas. This time has come.

Shoppers in the UK and now internationally know all about it and need little convincing. And they want to shop with retailers on their terms across numerous devices and channels, taking the path of least resistance.

Clients using Salmon’s, a Wunderman Commerce Company, Peak Operations Centre in 2016 saw 51% of orders coming through mobile devices and this is likely to grow as more companies adopt technologies such as progressive Web Apps.

A new study from Salmon technology partner Mobify reveals the importance of increasing mobile conversions for retailers, as mobile revenue will overtake desktop broadly this year, reaching a peak by Black Friday.

The Q1 2017 Mobile Commerce Insights Report is based on US data but will no-doubt provide interesting reading for UK retailers looking to capture increased revenue from mobile shoppers during the upcoming Black Friday period. Mobify encourage retailers to:

  • Focus on easier navigation: Use location and customer behaviour data to personalise content, and adhere to mobile commerce UX best practices.
  • Increase speed: Combine Progressive Web Apps, which pre-load content to improve page speeds by up to 4 times, with Accelerated Mobile Pages’ ability to capture organic traffic by loading the first page almost instantly.
  • Implement one-click purchases: Allow customers to avoid filling out billing and shipping information by using technologies like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and the Payment Request API.
  • Enhance security: Add lock icons and “secure” to checkout buttons.

Mobify is the #1 provider of Progressive Web Apps for ecommerce, delivering the speed and high-converting features of an app to the mobile web for significant increases in mobile revenue. The company’s quarterly Mobile Commerce Insights reports analyse shopper data to help merchants understand where, how, when, and why mobile consumers engage in order to make the largest business impact through mobile engagement.