Blog Post - Neil Stewart, Apr 5 2016

Neil Stewart talks Salmon's role in China's new e-hub plans

Neil Stewart talks Salmon's role in China's new e-hub plans

On a recent business trip to China, Neil Stewart, CEO at Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, accepted exclusive interviews with China Daily and The People's Daily, to discuss the planned wholesale center for imported goods in Tianjin.

The China Cross-Border E-Commerce Import Alliance have signed a strategic agreement with the government of Jinghai district in Tianjin, to turn the district into a cross-border ecommerce hub and Salmon are in talks with them on potential collaboration.

The Alliance aims to help international brands tap into the ecommerce business market in China. The center, if successful, will be the largest in China for imported consumer goods. Products from all over the world will be sent to the logistics park in Tianjin, where they enjoy preferential tax policies in the free trade zone and from there distributed to the rest of China. The business model will resolve the last-mile challenge for imported goods, making it faster, safer, more accurate and flexible.

During a tour of the park, Neil Stewart, said: "The sentiment among our customers across the globe is not whether they should come to China, but how. Any kind of solution that makes market access easier will enable us to better help our customers tap into the Chinese market."

Salmons' role in the emerging partnership will be to offer consultancy, introduce customer networks and build big databases for the wholesale center.

Stewart said: "We have a lot of big-brand customers in Europe and the United States who are all considering the best way to enter the Chinese market. We have been looking for wholesale facilities that are collective and easy to use. I believe our customers would be very interested in a package facility that encompasses logistics and favorable tax policies for ecommerce." more here.