Blog Post - Patrick Munden, Nov 24 2017

Our Black Friday Peak Operations Results, 2pm

Our Black Friday Peak Operations Results, 2pm

Here is our second update of the day, in which we predict the day will see a total of £1.5 billion online spend, contributing towards a record £20 billion online spend in November.

This shows data on traffic between 7am and 12pm today:

  • 8am was the busiest period. Mobile accounted for 69% of traffic between 7am and 12pm. Mobile continues to remain the device of choice.
  • As expected transactions on mobile dipped in late morning with 57% of transactions coming from a mobile device compared to 74% earlier in the day.
  • International visitors: Several of our clients, especially those in the luxury space are seeing an increase in the number of international visitors from the East, including the likes of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. In some cases, we’ve seen an increase of 40% YoY in sales coming from international visitors.

Look out for our final afternoon update with the latest figures from our Black Friday analytics hub!