Blog Post - Patrick Munden, Nov 27 2017

Our Black Friday Peak Operations Results, 5pm

Our Black Friday Peak Operations Results, 5pm

In the last update during Black Friday, we report our latest statistics from its analytics team as shoppers continue to search for the best deals.

Our Peak Operations War Room has been busy all week supporting our clients with their ecommerce operations during what is their busiest peak trading period of the year.

The update reports data on traffic between Midnight and 3pm:

Deal seekers rise early

Eager deal seekers woke early to grab the best bargains primarily on mobile. 17% of visits so far today occurred between midnight and 3am. Mobile usage hit a Black Friday record of 81% at 6am.

Mobile continues to dominate and grow in popularity with consumers

  • 67% of traffic is coming via mobile devices
  • 33% of traffic is coming via desktop devices

Busiest shopping time

The busiest shopping time so far was between 9am and 12pm when 31% of all visits took place. We expect a significant jump in visits later this evening as people leave work and take the opportunity to browse for bargains on their mobile devices.

Overall traffic

Traffic YoY for Black Friday so far is up by 40%. This is driven by more shoppers choosing the convenience, and variety of shopping online.