Blog Post - Alea Brooke, Jul 11 2018

​Patrick Munden talks to Retail Week about the next big shift in tech

​Patrick Munden talks to Retail Week about the next big shift in tech

Salmon’s, a Wunderman Commerce Company, Global Head of Retail, Patrick Munden, recently spoke to Retail Week about the technology he believes will have the biggest impact on the retail sector over the next three years. He was among a number of big industry thought leaders to give their expert opinion on emerging and rising technologies, others include Paul Clarke, chief technology officer, Ocado; Sasha Saenko, senior associate, digital technology consulting PwC; and Steve Roberts, head of IT operations,

Patrick said: “Voice commerce will be a gamechanger for much of the retail industry in the coming years.

“As it stands, technology giants have been leading the charge towards these new interfaces, away from screened devices – think Amazon Echo and Google Home.

“As a result, retailers and brands have to be careful that the future isn’t one where the interface with the customer is no longer owned by them.

“After all, if you own the interface, you own the customer. If you own the customer, you own the data. And if you own the data, you’ll own the future.

“Those that move their commerce online, yet don’t have an avenue to sell through voice, will be shut out of the conversation entirely.

“This demand for a new way of shopping is only going to increase too. As devices become smarter, and as consumers increasingly crave convenience, voice might well become the de facto leader in online purchasing in the next five years.”

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