Blog Post - Joanna Temple, Feb 24 2016

Programmatic Commerce: The Next Big Thing

Programmatic Commerce: The Next Big Thing

Will you be ready for the next digital revolution?

Over the coming decade, this phenomenon - programmatic commerce - will revolutionise manufacturing, marketing and retail. When analysing demand for a product, or a part for a machine, the onus will shift to the very devices we use and make purchasing decisions on our behalf.

This age of programmatic commerce is being driven by the Internet of Things. At first glance, the idea of a domestic appliance with WiFi may sound like a strange and exotic proposition. But once we grasp the potential for self-analysis and decision-making, the huge potential for the connected home becomes immediately evident.

Rachel Arthur, contributor for Forbes and an award-winning business journalist specializing in fashion and technology, recently attended our Commerce 2020 event where we shared our views on the future of digital commerce and in particular programmatic commerce.

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