Blog Post - Minos Makris, Jul 10 2017

How PWAs can drive mobile conversion in time for peak

How PWAs can drive mobile conversion in time for peak

During the peak selling period of 2016 (that's November's Black Friday through to Christmas) Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, clients saw online traffic and order volumes via mobile devices exceed desktop for the first time with 51% of orders taking place on mobile on Black Friday, and reaching a peak of 81% on Christmas Day.

However, a poor user experience is holding back potential mobile revenue for many retailers, with mobile conversions lagging behind desktop by around 30%.

It’s never been more timely to have a mobile-first strategy in place for peak season 2017 - a strategy that optimises conversion via mobile devices. (By the way, the peak selling period will start in early November this year - well in advance of Black Friday on 24th November).

Many companies have gone down the “app strategy” route to boost conversion, but have found that adoption isn’t as strong as anticipated, with mobile shoppers preferring to engage with a small number of shopping apps, including Amazon and eBay, but with high frequency.

Yet our engagement with apps has led to a degree of comfort with their user interface and functionality. As a result, what is regarded as best practice in terms of customer experience online is changing: customers are seeking app-like experiences once engaged, but want a web-like approach to finding, visiting and storing sites.

Cue Progressive Web Apps: like mobile websites, only better

So how do you create a website experience for mobile users that acts like an app? The answer is Progressive Web.

The trend for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is being driven by the advancement in browsers, an improved capability to cache, and changes to how push notifications can be managed through APIs. PWAs include the high-converting features of a native app but they’re still websites, accessed directly in the web browser rather than downloaded via app stores. The seamless, app-like web experience not only looks and feels great, it converts extremely well and is easier to deploy and maintain.

If you want to find out more about Progressive Web Apps and how they can be implemented for your online site, don't miss this recent webinar with leading mobile shopping platform provider, Mobify, in conjunction with Salmon and SAP Hybris where we discussed:

  • The importance of a mobile-first strategy for 2017 peak trading
  • How PWAs integrate with ecommerce engines and platforms such as SAP Hybris
  • How PWAs can increase online performance by two- or fourfold, and increase overall conversion by 17%

With operational planning underway for the peak selling season, and high mobile conversion high on your agenda, now is the time to get acquainted with Progressive Web Apps.