Blog Post - Joanna Temple, May 14 2015

​Retail Week – The Future of Retail Complaints

​Retail Week – The Future of Retail Complaints

With new research showing the number of complaints made about the retail sector has reached a record high of 18.5 million over the past year, retailers are under pressure to implement measures for tackling poor customer service whilst simultaneously improving dispute resolution.

Retail Week’s latest whitepaper is triggered by the news that Ombudsman Services, the UK’s leading multi-sector provider of independent dispute resolution, has opened its doors to accept companies in the retail sector. The piece looks to tackle the issue in a bid to put consumers’ faith back into retailers.

At Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, we believe excellent customer service comes from businesses equipping their staff with the authority, knowledge and tools to take responsibility and make actionable decisions. In today’s digital landscape this now requires brands to think about their online presence and how they communicate and deal with customers on social channels.

To read more, the full article is available on Retail Week: