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What is the role of API within customer interactions?

What is the role of API within customer interactions?

APIs - Application Programming Interfaces – are something that most of us have experienced without realising it. From social sharing to using services such as Uber or PayPal, it’s the APIs working behind the scenes that have made this possible. APIs have a crucial role to play for any business, improving the experience that customers have and generating more value from your investment in technology. They could even help create new income streams.

What are APIs?

They are the programmable way for your systems and customer channels to interact with your services. One of the simplest ways to look at them is as messengers who take instructions on what the system is required to do and then return with the response from the system to that instruction. Even simpler, is to look at them as a means by which two websites or two applications can talk to each other – they are enablers. One of the most obvious examples of APIs is a flight comparison website – the way that this website works is to send out APIs to interact with airline websites and return with the results that can be displayed as a comparison for customers.

The benefits of APIs

There are lots of good reasons to invest in APIs – they can improve internal processes and operational efficiency, for example, and they can be used to enable better collaboration or more transparency. APIs are becoming key to differentiating a business from competitors, especially because they can have such a positive impact on customer interactions.

Using APIs to improve customer interactions

Working with APIs makes it possible to deliver a better customer experience in a number of key ways.

Enabling more personalisation

APIs can support the creation of an in-depth customer profile that is incredibly detailed and highly accurate. Personalisation is increasingly being viewed as the key to positive customer interaction and APIs take this to another level.

Adding value

APIs seek out information that can be useful when it comes to adding value to a customer interaction. For example, if your business is providing a service, APIs can help to identify how to find the cheapest option for that service so that your customers are always getting the best deal from you. That’s the kind of value that can cement long term relationships with customers.

Making experiences more seamless

If you can see people are leaving your website to look for something elsewhere, you can use APIs to complete the search for them, so that they stay with you.

Confirming customer data

You can simplify the process of checking the accuracy of data that you’ve been given with APIs, such as filling in any missing contact information or checking the details that you’ve been given are correct.

APIs have huge potential for every business today

From managing data to reducing IT related costs, unlocking new revenue streams by adding value to existing services and interactions and increasing customer satisfaction, they have a central role to play in driving every business forward.

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