Blog Post - Patrick Munden, Nov 24 2017

Salmon's Black Friday Peak Operations Results, 10:00am

Salmon's Black Friday Peak Operations Results, 10:00am

Black Friday fever is upon us, and global eCommerce consultancy Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, is predicting that the day will see a total £1.5 billion online spend, contributing towards a record £20 billion online spend in November, with more than 50% of transactions expected to take place on mobile alone.

In the first of three round-ups today, below are the early Black Friday updates in the UK taken between midnight and 6am:

  • Bargain hunters stayed up late – with 26% of all visits between midnight and 6am taking place in the first hour (midnight to 1am). There was a lull between 1am and 5am, before traffic peaked again at 6am
  • 6am was the busiest period with 81% of visits coming from a mobile device – this represents an 8% increase on 2016, predominantly due to shoppers purchasing as they wake up and commute to work
  • 74% of transactions came from a mobile device. We expect this to decrease as consumers arrive to work

Salmon correctly forecast that £1bn would be spent on the day in 2015, and the results demonstrate that mobile traffic continues to bolster retailers’ operations this year as the day looks set to post even greater sales than previous years.

In the run-up to Black Friday we’ve also seen the return of the “Basket Bandit”. These are shoppers who have identified items in advance, put them into their online shopping baskets and hovered over their buy buttons, waiting to see if these items get discounted over the course of Black Fiveday. This also suggests that consumers aren’t just panic buying but making considered purchases.

Look out for our updates throughout the today with the latest sales figures from Salmon’s Black Friday analytics hub.