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Salmon predicts “Black Fiveday” and a £5bn spend

Salmon predicts “Black Fiveday” and a £5bn spend

Chloe Rigby, at Internet Retailing discusses Salmon's, a Wunderman Commerce Company, "Black Fiveday" prediction for 2016.

We predict that 2016 will see a potential spend of £5bn over the course of the extended weekend, from Thursday November 24th through to Cyber Monday on November 28th.

John Beechen, head of managed services at Salmon, said: “Retailers should think about peak trading as a crisis that they know potentially could happen in advance. Preparation is vital, and retailers should already be considering their business and operational plans for the period. Retailers must also consider contingency plans to respond to issues during the week.”

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We will also be sharing out insights on planning for peak at IMRG's Managing Peak Performance Connect Conference on June 15th.