Blog Post - Joanna Temple, Dec 1 2017

​Salmon win Award – Best use of thought leadership

​Salmon win Award – Best use of thought leadership

Salmon are delighted to announce that we have just won another big award. This time The B2B Marketing Awards, for “Best Use of Thought Leadership in 2016”, for our Black FiveDay predictions!

The awards took place on the 23rd November 2017 and rewarded the best in global B2B with submissions from four continents, representing all major global marketing agencies.

With 1000 submissions and 28 categories with only one winner in each, Salmon is “confidently proud”.

So how did we win? Media, channels and techniques used:

Black Friday had become a ‘canned opportunity’ for brands and our campaign needed to offer unique insight and stand out. To achieve this, we started the campaign seven months earlier than everyone else.

  • Content creation (May 2016): The 'Black Fiveday Playbook' was created: a book filled with expert advice on how retailers could capitalise on the shopping boom while ensuring their online stores and apps met the ensuing customer demand.
  • Pre-seeding commentary (May – Nov): At the same time, Harvard our PR agency began a programme of sustained media outreach, issuing an alert predicting the weeklong shopping bonanza and mobile tipping point, building trust in Salmon as the media’s go-to contact for Black Friday data, as well as launching a targeted social media campaign, using snippets of the playbook to raise awareness of Salmon’s expertise.
  • Aligning with sales and marketing (Aug – Nov): To support sales aims, Harvard collaborated with Salmon’s internal team to develop email marketing and advertising campaigns to support the launch, as well as an online campaign hub for the playbook and other materials.
  • Media launch (November 2016): The launch itself was all about the execution on a promise to the media. Harvard issued a series of alerts and statistics throughout the day, providing regular insight into the day’s retail trends, providing a digest of each day’s activity near the close of the day, with Salmon spokespeople providing comment. This gained coverage in The Daily Mirror, Forbes and Retail Week.


Salmon focused on measuring success based on an increase in its media profile.

The campaign generated:

  • 145 pieces of media coverage, 12 national pieces and a broadcast interview with CNBC.
  • 1,500+ visits to the landing page; predominantly eCommerce decision-makers and technology leaders within wholesale and retail organisations – two of our key audiences.
  • 268 new LinkedIn followers made up of media and Salmon’s audience of digital and technology decision-makers.

Neil Stewart, CEO, Salmon said:“For our business, being seen in the public eye and media to lead debate and discussion around Black Friday – or Black Fiveday as we coined this year – has helped us dramatically change how we engage with existing customers and prospects across retail. The campaign took us to a whole new level, driven by both marketing and PR.”