Blog Post - Joanna Temple, Jun 28 2018

Salmon Win Delivery Initiative of the Year Award

Salmon Win Delivery Initiative of the Year Award

We're delighted to announce that Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, in conjunction with our client DFS and partner Satalia, has won the Delivery Initiative of the Year Award at the Retail Systems Awards 2018. The award recognised the implementation of innovative technology to boost a retailer’s omnichannel delivery proposition.

Salmon, along with Satalia, worked with DFS to develop and integrate a unique last-mile home delivery solution for DFS, as well as develop a new Mobile App. The solution combines cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning to optimise the routes and schedules of thousands of orders every day. It also improves delivery efficiency, arrival accuracy and ensures the highest levels of customer satisfaction each time a sofa is delivered. In addition, it’s contributing to a substantial cost saving per order to the business.

We worked with DFS and Satalia to understand the intricacies of DFS’s problem, from its constraints and objectives, to build a strategy that would ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We then prototyped, tested and iterated to achieve a solution that fulfilled their needs. Culminating in a custom-built dynamic home delivery solution that outperforms any off-the-shelf, last-mile delivery product on the market.

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