Blog Post - Sarah Lynch, Apr 12 2016

Sarah Lynch talks Magento Imagine Commerce announcements

Sarah Lynch talks Magento Imagine Commerce announcements

An uplift in extension quality, care of the Magento marketplace

The new Magento marketplace has been launched yesterday (Tuesday April 11) demonstrating, as with many things as Magento take the paradigm shift to Magento 2, a significant uptick in the level of quality and risk assessment around the extensions store. In the new marketplace, where the community can buy and sell extensions for the Magento store, suppliers of extensions must now undergo both technical and marketing review in order to meet the quality objectives set by Magento. Whether perception or reality, the challenge with purchasing Magento extensions has always been one of knowing whether the software you are purchasing will, when you get under the hood, be up to scratch. Extensions will now be badged with Level 1 or Level 2 quality badges, with level 1 having incorporated anti-plagiarism checks and adherence to coding standards set by Magento while also, perhaps more relevant to the purchaser, include a marketing review to ensure that the extension provides unique functionality and offers value in its own right. The Level 2 badge is the next step on, representing the marketplace gold standard, with a requirement for automated tests to be provided, as well as security scans, performance checks, peer review and functional review.

These quality checks, alongside the way that payments and refunds will be administered by Magento to provide reassurance to the purchaser or retailer demonstrates a pretty significant investment by Magento in ensuring the quality of the products available for their store. As of launch, there are some 150 Magento 2 extensions available on the marketplace and this will continue to grow in the coming weeks, with Magento 1 extensions to be added in Q2 2016.

Additionally, it will now be possible to protect your IP when providing extensions, using encryption (as long as you provide a non-encrypted version for the stringent quality checks from Magento themselves).

For now, marketplace’s predecessor, Connect, will continue to exist, but we look forward to seeing more extensions on the new marketplace, because it provides a level of reassurance that the platform, ever growing into the more Enterprise level space, deserves.