Blog Post - Frank Kochenash , Jul 29 2019

"Should I use Amazon for brand?"

"Should I use Amazon for brand?"

A prospect asked this question during a media pitch. It's a reasonable question, but the fact that a smart and successful marketer is asking it makes me realise how much is still not understood about the Amazon platform. All properties should be evaluated and tested against the goals of a marketing effort, but certainly the answer to this question is yes, Amazon should be included in the mix.

But, really, we should re-frame the question. A better question is "How - within my customer's shopping experience - can my brand utilise the Amazon platform to better solve my customers' needs?"

That's a harder question. Answering it requires an understanding of why consumers look for a product a brand may be selling in the first place. It requires an understanding of how they shop and evaluate options. And it forces a consideration of how a brand helps the consumer solve his/her problems.

When you re-frame the brand challenge through the lens of this second question, it challenges us to consider how Amazon can be helpful to brand building beyond buying media to hit your reach and frequency goals. It allows marketers and product developers to consider how various features of the Amazon platform can be used by brands to solve consumer problems in new and different ways - ways that elevate the brand and sell more product. Features of the Amazon platform? These are examples of what I mean. See if you recognise some of these features:

  • Amazon Key
  • Amazon Blink
  • Amazon Ring
  • Amazon Counter
  • Amazon Hub
  • Amazon Locker
  • Amazon Scout
  • Amazon Flex
  • Amazon Garage
  • Amazon Wardrobe
  • PillPack
  • Amazon Cash
  • Amazon Smile
  • Audible
  • Twitch
  • Amazon Business
  • Amazon Launchpad
  • Alexa (okay, that's an easy one!)

Each one of these is a potential mechanism for innovation and brand development. Try them. Use them. (We can help!)

About the Author: Frank Kochenash is a leading Amazon expert, a frequently sought after speaker for industry events, and a regularly published author on matters of eCommerce expertise. Now a seasoned eCommerce veteran having led the global POSSIBLE eCommerce team (now part of Wunderman Thompson Commerce) since 2016, Frank started his eCommerce career at Amazon where he led teams in operations and digital media, notably digitising content for the initial Kindle launch.

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