Blog Post - Minos Makris, Jul 6 2016

Top 10 tips to optimise Mobile Commerce

Top 10 tips to optimise Mobile Commerce

It’s official – we’re addicted to our mobile phones.

The average smartphone user checks their device a staggering 221 times a day 1, and according to Ofcom, we are a smartphone society spending more time online via our phones then our laptops.

For the first time, mobile commerce now accounts for over half of online sales in the UK. To repeat over a h-a-l-f! And it’s climbing quarter by quarter 2.

We look at our clients’ mobile commerce offerings on a daily basis, whether on a mobile phone, tablet, in a car or another device. From this experience, we’ve compiled a top 10 list to help you ensure your mobile site works for retailers and customers alike.


2 IMRG and Capgemini’s Quarterly Benchmark, 24 Feb 2016

1 How are your customers interacting with your brand on their mobile devices?

Discover how your customers are actually using your website

2 – Websites: Go responsive or adaptive?

Decide whether to opt for a site that fluidly changes and responds to fit any screen or device size (responsive), or one that changes to fit a predetermined set of screen and device sizes (adaptive)

3 – In designing for small screens, make it look good

But don’t compromise the customer journey and experience

4 – Join up the journeys for your shoppers

Make your basket persistent, in other words consistent and current across devices

5 – Make the online experience relevant to your customers

Use personalisation to build relationships

6 - Embrace wearables, or keep them at arms’ length?

Take a strategic viewpoint on wearables

7 – Location, location, location

Get it right when encroaching your users’ space

8 – Listen to your customers and improve

Ignore their voice and actions in the mobile space at your peril

9 – Focus on search

People are more likely to purchase via search than standard navigation

10 - Reassure customers

According to recent research 30% of us believe that retail is guilty of using data without consent*, so share value and act transparently to build trust


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