Blog Post - Evelien Mulder , Nov 10 2018

What to look for when choosing an eCommerce consultancy partner

What to look for when choosing an eCommerce consultancy partner

Successfully selling online requires a complex combination of insight, expertise and resources that not every business has, especially at first. Working with an eCommerce consultancy partner can help to bridge the gaps in terms of knowledge and understanding, and steer your business towards achieving real growth online. However, for the relationship to be at its most effective, it’s important to make sure you choose the right eCommerce consultancy partner to work with.

Depth of experience

The purpose of bringing a consultant into your business is to have access to skills and experience that may not exist in-house. So, it’s crucial to focus on depth of experience when looking at potential partners. Does this business have experience in the area you’re looking for support with, and are there any specific issues you’ll need their expertise to cover?

Value and cost

Although the goal will always be to keep the cost as low as possible, sometimes opting for the lowest possible fees, regardless of service, can end badly. The key is to find a consultancy able to offer you value in return for an affordable cost and to deliver on your objectives, as opposed to just covering the minimum requirements.

Type of experience

It is always a good idea to look for an eCommerce consultancy partner with experience working with your type of business. A B2B consultant, for example, will have quite a different set of skills to a B2C eCommerce consultant. If you’re a new brand or you’re working with unbranded products then it’s often sensible to look to work with a consultant who has experience with fresh-to-market businesses or ideas, as opposed to a partner that has only ever worked with well established names.

Goal alignment

When you’re setting growth goals with an eCommerce consultancy partner it’s important that there is a common understanding where expectations are concerned. Are you both looking at growth in the same way and at the same speed? Find a partner that can align its partnership goals with your outcome goals so that there is commonality when it comes to what you’re setting out to achieve. It can also be useful to be flexible when it comes to goal setting – take the benefit of the advice provided by a consultancy partner and be flexible if it doesn’t entirely line up with your expectations. Providing correcting advice is partly what a consultant is there for after all.


A consistent level of engagement will be required from within your own business when it comes to managing the relationship with an eCommerce consultancy partner. So, it’s a good idea to have a thorough understanding of a potential partner’s workflow up front and to make sure this will work for the team you assign to manage the process.

Credentials and credibility

Researching a potential eCommerce consultancy partner is crucial – and expected. It’s important to establish their credibility and also to look at past performance by evaluating what previous clients thought. Careful due diligence now will help to save issues arising further down the line.

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