Blog Post - Evelien Mulder , Nov 13 2018

9 Features that your enterprise eCommerce platform should offer

9 Features that your enterprise eCommerce platform should offer

What makes a successful enterprise eCommerce platform? While every eCommerce business has different needs there are some common features that generally make operations, growth and success easier. These are the 9 key features that your enterprise eCommerce platform should offer.

1. Effective site search

This is, arguably, one of the most important features of any enterprise eCommerce platform. The way that it handles site search – i.e. processing keywords and applying filters to what a potential purchaser has input into the search facility – will have a big influence over conversion rates.

2. Simple content management

Especially as the business grows, the content on your website can start to feel a little unwieldy. Lots of products, perhaps a blog or two and you can easily begin to be overwhelmed. So, a simple and easy to use content management system (CMS) is a top priority. It should be very straightforward to update and manage the content of your site from the back end.

3. Easy order management

Integrating an order management system with your online store can produce positive results for a number of reasons. It will not only help to reduce order processing time, improving the experience for your customers, but will also provide you with key metrics and make inventory management much more straightforward.

4. Customisation

What you need from your enterprise eCommerce platform may change significantly over time. The ability to innovate, adapt and customise it will be essential to ensuring that your website can grow with your business. Crucial to this will be the ability to use third party plugins that enable you to work with something more than just the generic template on offer.

5. Metrics and data

It’s a waste not to make use of all the data generated by an eCommerce website, as this can be used for everything, from personalising marketing to optimising the website. Your enterprise eCommerce platform will be crucial to this, enabling you to collect accurate business intelligence data and even analyse it.

6. Mobile eCommerce

Yes, many customers still browse on their phones and devices, rather than buying, but this is changing. So, it’s absolutely essential that the eCommerce platform you choose to work with can offer mobile supported eCommerce. This could end up being a critical conversion factor, especially as we move towards more mobile buying than browsing.

7. SEO eCommerce solutions

Your platform might define itself as “SEO friendly” but what does this really mean? It’s important to identify what that actually involves and how the platform will help to boost your SEO performance in reality.

8. A multi-channel environment

Multichannel selling is quickly becoming the norm – it’s highly unlikely that your current sales come from just one source. Everything, from sales to product information should be manageable in a in a multi-channel environment if the platform you’re using is right.

9. Product management

Effective product management is essential, from catalogue management to tracking capabilities. Your enterprise eCommerce platform should give you tools to optimise product management to boost customer service and loyalty.

The above are the basic key features for any enterprise eCommerce platform. To get a more in-depth inside-track, download our latest whitepaper “Ecommerce Platform and Architecture Trends” by clicking the button below.

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