Blog Post - Joanna Temple, Feb 2 2018

Women in IT Awards 2018

Women in IT Awards 2018

Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, was delighted to be at the Women in IT Awards this week, to celebrate the achievements of one of our own female employees.

We are very proud of Avneet Mudhar, shortlisted for Graduate of the Year. A star in our eyes for being shortlisted from over 700 nominations. Since joining Salmon's Digital Intelligence team, Avneet has excelled, working with clients including DFS, Game and Halfords, where she has truly helped them to interpret their customer data through statistical modelling.

Chris Longman, Head of Digital Intelligence at Salmon, said: “Since joining Salmon, Avneet has worked with some of our biggest clients. Her enthusiasm and commitment have been crucial in helping them to truly understand their customers. Her knowledge of data modelling has provided Salmon with a competitive edge and helped guide the company on what the future of data analysis will look like. I’m confident that Avneet will go on to achieve incredible things as she continues to reveal the customer insight needed to power successful businesses.”

The Women in IT Awards is the flagship event in an ongoing Information Age campaign to tackle technology’s diversity problems.

Baroness Martha Lane Fox, founder of and board director at Twitter, gave a very interesting keynote speech, informing the audience that a more diverse technology workforce is key to achieving a successful Brexit. She said:

“I’ve been in the Lords today listening to a very interesting and long debate about our withdrawal from the EU, and whatever you think about the issue, it is certainly true that we’re going to have to map a different kind of future with different kinds of partnerships. Unless we are using all of the talents in a sector that is one of the most rapidly growing in our country, I don’t believe we have a chance of being as successful as if we are continuing on the path we are at the moment.

The life peer, who became the youngest female member of the House of Lords when she joined as a crossbencher in 2013, left us with this thought to ponder:

"The technology industry will never reach parity between men and women at the rate it is currently moving. Diversity of thought, leads to better products and services, more relevant solutions, a more empowered workforce and a better society. It is so important.”

Salmon is an equal opportunities employer and actively promotes the advancement of women in technology.

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