Blog Post - Naji El-Arifi, Mar 5 2020

Celebrating World Book Day

Celebrating World Book Day

World Book Day is a registered charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own. It’s also a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In it's 23rd year, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

To mark the occasion, we asked Naji El-Arifi, Head of Innovation at Wunderman Thompson Commerce to share his "top reads" with us.

Naji explains, "From a young age, I have always had a fascination with physics, which ultimately led me into the world of technology and my current role as Head of Innovation at Wunderman Thompson Commerce. So it’s no surprise to learn that the first book on my list focuses on just that…

    Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku - I would highly recommend this read from physicist Professor Michio Kaku. It’s a book that I turn to and read every time I need a little bit of inspiration. The content focuses on the advancements being made in technology and science, and it ends with a chapter on what a day in the life of someone living in the year 2100 will look like.

    Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull - Former Chief Technology Officer and President at Pixel – talks about how he and Steve Jobs founded Pixar and turned it into the creative powerhouse that we now know it as.

The following books are ones that I read to better myself in my job and deliver really successful work as a Product Manager.

    Scrum by J.J Sutherland - This is one of my favourite books on the Scrum methodology; a simple framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products. It's full of real-life examples that are invaluable to someone that regularly builds software, or hardware. Plus, it’s a super easy read and offers great techniques to take into everyday work life even if they don’t explicitly use the methodology.

    Hooked: How to build habit-forming products by Ryan Hoover and Nir Eyal - If you are a marketer, you have more than likely read this book. If not then guess what… you really should read this book!

    The Toyota way to lean leadership by Gary L. Convis and Jeffrey Liker - This book is all about how Toyota changed the game and applied their Kaizen methodology to the manufacturing sector. However, the main focus here is on leadership with tonnes of examples on how to be a better leader.