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Wunderman Thompson Commerce win B2C Website of the Year Award

Wunderman Thompson Commerce win B2C Website of the Year Award

The UK Dev Awards 2021 showcase all things digital, and we are elated to have won the "B2C website of the Year" award for our efforts in developing Lever Direct's new website. WTC demonstrated innovation and ingenuity in their approach to delivering the website, overcoming the added complications of a global pandemic.

Delivered in just 6 weeks, WTC's dedication to the project stood out with a small team who worked tirelessly throughout to ensure families in the community were able to continue to buy Unilever's leading products, Cif, Comfort, Domestos and Persil at competitive prices and with the added benefit of free delivery, at a time when grocery shelves were empty and it was difficult to obtain supermarket delivery slots.

The new site has proven to be one of Unilever’s most successful projects ever. Delivering the most amount of revenue in the shortest amount of time for any start-up project within Unilever’s Homecare business.

The site is unique in that it encourages consumers to buy bundles of essential homecare kits, which are better for the environment and better for the pocket. It allows consumers to save money as well as save the environment through fewer deliveries. Products are sold using less water and using formats that allow more washes, as well as using less packaging. With an ambition to reduce the businesses environmental impact by half by 2030, the site was designed taking this into consideration.

Dynamic Pricing demonstrates WTC's innovative thinking. Greater discounts are given to the consumer, the more that they buy via “dynamic pricing”, giving larger discounts to consumers, based on the greater their basket is. The key to this innovation was allowing three different product types (individual, multi-buy and bundled products) to work together at basket level, so that site wide percentage discounts could be given.

The website is built on Shopify’s platform, selected for its speed to implement and low initial costs. The new agile Direct to Consumer environment, initially developed in response to the Pandemic, continues to grow, evolve and deliver homecare products to customers as well as outperforming all initial projections. The site is also key in helping Uniliver to develop and grow its Unilever brands using the website as a “test and learn” environment to support its sustainable business model.