Introducing Tempur Sealy International

Seeking to redesign their global digital website, Tempur Sealy asked Wunderman Thompson Commerce to define a multichannel customer experience strategy. Tempur Sealy wanted to understand how their customers behaved, interacted with the brand, and purchased their products in four key markets: the UK, Germany, Japan, and China.

International customer research and journey mapping

With the aim of redefining their processes, online capabilities and digital roadmaps, Wunderman Thompson Commerce conducted research across all key markets, talking to current and prospective customers, staff, sales outlets and retailers to help better understand the customer journey when purchasing Tempur Sealy's products online. We created a comprehensive CX map for each market, underpinned by a service design exercise to identify the department responsible for each pain point and the strategic changes they needed to make.

Core journey wireframes, designs and workshopping

Based on the findings of the research, we helped wireframe and design the core customer journeys for their website. This involved holding workshops with the client to work with them to define these core journeys, and taking them from concept into design. These designs were passed onto Tempur Sealy's systems integration partner to begin the build of the new site.

Providing a strategic partnership

Whilst Tempur Sealy's site was being built, Tempur Sealy asked us for assistance on a more strategic, future thinking level. There were 3 main areas that we consulted and advised on:

  1. The Tempur Sealy brand online: conducting eCommerce brand workshops with the Tempur Sealy digital team, to define what the brand stands for online and ensure this is translated effectively on the website.
  2. Tempur Sealy future roadmap: working with key stakeholders at Tempur Sealy to help define where they need to be in the next 3, 5, 10 years. A long-term roadmap was developed to help Tempur Sealy achieve their ambitions, which was broken down into: Brand, Customer Experience, IT and Infrastructure, and Internal activities.
  3. Amazon Strategy: auditing their Amazon presence in the UK, Germany and Japan, to create a strategy to understand the opportunity for each market.

To ensure a smooth delivery, we provided project management support to help see the project through to completion, supporting the wider agency landscape throughout the development of the website. Tempur Sealy's new, redesigned websites launched in 20 different countries in May 2019.

Tempur Sealy's ongoing systems integration partner

As a consequence, Tempur Sealy asked us to take over the management of their 20 global websites and become their systems integration partner. As of today, Wunderman Thompson Commerce manages and supports Tempur Sealy's 20 sites on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and has implemented a customer experience and development roadmap, seeking to continually improve the global sites.

Tempur Sealy is passionate about providing customers a great experience. Supporting this goal, Wunderman Thompson Commerce has really helped us to think big, think differently and innovatively in the development of our new global website, always finding solutions where problems occur. Their quality of work and expertise in digital and eCommerce is apparent, which has helped to develop our strong working partnership. They have helped us understand our consumers and their journeys in depth and we look forward to working with them in the future to define our long-term digital strategy, which will be crucial to our success in the coming years.

Barbara Callicott, Director eCommerce and Consumer Experience - International