multichannel commerce, integration and support for argos

The Argos website is the UK’s second most visited retail website, with multichannel sales now representing 53% of the retailer’s total £4 billion sales.

In 2002 Salmon radically improved the site’s usability and performance, and increased the site’s overall popularity, making the retailer’s entire 12,000-product catalogue as visible and accessible as possible from the home page. Navigation was improved with new categorisation, wider search parameters and a more powerful and relevant search engine. Click-and-collect functionality was improved to enable customers to check stock availability and then decide whether to click and reserve or choose delivery. For extra convenience they also had the option to choose different delivery methods for each product in their basket.

Salmon’s support has continued ever since, with a number of projects and programmes to support Argos’s plan to become a digital retail leader. As a result, internet sales have grown from 2% in 2003-04 to 44% of Argos’ total sales in 2013-14. Mobile commerce continues to see a rapid rise in customer usage and now accounts for 18% of Argos’ total sales.

We chose Salmon because of its excellent reputation in the field of ecommerce. During the delivery of the project, Salmon lived up to its reputation of transparent honesty in meeting deadlines and sticking to the budget. We are extremely happy that Salmon has helped us deliver a cutting-edge website that will help drive the Argos multichannel business approach.


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Salmon helped enhance and support the UK's second most visited retail site.