Bouwmaat, a wholesaler for the construction industry with 46 branches across The Netherlands appointed Eperium to develop and implement an ecommerce strategy that would integrate its existing website with its digital product catalogue and create an online payment system that could channel orders to both the distribution centre and wholesale stores.

A custom Product Information Management System was created which provides an organised structure for a large volume of complex product data. The system automates the import and export of the data into a catalogue that is enriched with descriptions, visuals and other vital information. As an added benefit, this product data can also be used for printed communication such as brochures and advertising for local newspapers that will automatically convert to the right format. This feature made it possible to automate the process of the paper catalogue.

As a result, Bouwmaat has a central database that provides information on around 12.000 products, allows information to be accessed by different channels from a single source, and increases web sales by improving navigation to products and providing detailed information. Tremendous efficiency gains were made in printing their catalogue. The system now supports a function that allows customers to purchase on credit and choose to collect orders from a store or have them delivered to an address.

This has significantly improved overall customer experience with shorter lead times, flexible delivery options and an enhanced product search.

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